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Straumann Dental Implants

About Straumann

Dental implants and Straumann move hand in hand. When talking about dental implants, missing Straumann can as well be called a blunder. It is one of the leading brands in implant dentistry and dental tissue regeneration.

The main vision of the company is to restore patient’s oral esthetics and oral function with the help of safe, reliable and effective procedures.

The headquarters of the company is in Switzerland with its other branches located in over fifty countries all over the world.

Straumann is a leading supplier for dental implants all over the globe. The main idea behind the company’s performance is to provide the best treatment to the patients on the basis of latest research.

Straumann has various types of implants to offer. The Morse taper is at the tissue level and the CrossFit connections are at the tissue and bone level. They are designed such that they can provide a very precise and secure bonding in between the abutments and the implants.

Straumann promises to offer specialization, simplicity and reliability in each and every procedure.

Straumann as a company is the pioneer in the field of single stage tissue level implants. All the products by the company are constructed with meticulous specifications.

The restorative solutions offered by Straumann are highly customized in order to meet the aesthetic as well as functional requirement of the patient. Flexibility, reliability and simplicity form the basis for Straumann’s restorative solutions.

Prosthetic planning and color-coding kits make it simple to choose the correct abutment for each case.

Straumann is the sole provider of CrossFit connection implants which are sophisticated but very simple for implants. The grooves of these implants ensure tight bonding with the abutment. The major reasons why these implants are superior as compared to other brands are that these implants integrate simply with the oral tissue, need a single placement procedure, they heal quickly and they can anchor various types of artificial teeth.

It is for sure that when a patient chooses Straumann for his dental solutions, the solution will be the best, well supported by years of scientific research, and finally will make the patient proud of his or her choice.

Whatever is the problem related to oral health, Straumann is the ultimate solution.

How much do Straumann dental implants cost?

Straumann is a premium dental implant brand, which means both its price and quality is among the highest. Should you still go for a Straumann implant or look for a more affordable alternative?

What you should consider is that the price the manufacturer asks for an implant is only a fraction of the price you end up paying for your dentist. There are several reasons for that:

  • you are not only paying for the implant, but also for the crown or bridge that is attached to the implant
  • you are not only paying the cost of manufacturing the implant, but also your dentist's time and experience
  • you might need additional treatments, payment for these will be added to the final price
  • your dentist might get significant discount from the implant manufacturer (usually in case of bulk orders)

Bottom line is that it's possible to save $100 - $300 by choosing a more affordable implant, but the whole tooth restoration with an implant will cost around $3,000 - $5,000. Compared to the final cost, that few hundered you can save is not a huge amount - even though it still matters, of course.

What we recommend you is to consult with your dentist about your options. Depending on your overall health and the quality of your jaw-bone, a more affordable implant still might be a good choice.

Want to learm more about Straumann tooth implants?

If you need to know more about Straumann implants, we recommend to check out the official website of the company: straumann.com. They have a ton of information about their products, but most of that is probably only useful for qualified dentists.

Short video about the Straumann® BLX implant system.