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Mini Dental Implants

Dental implants are of two types. It varies with the diameter of the device. Small diameter implants are usually called Mini implants. Mini dental implant’s devices are of the diameter less than 3 millimeters.

SDI or small diameter implants and NDI or narrow diameter implant are the other names of MDI or mini dental implants.

Nowadays, its popularity is gradually increasing as people are getting gradually conscious about their dental health.

Some mini dental implants are known as TAD which is used in orthodontics. The patients who have lost their dentures find these mini dental implants very useful. It helps to secure their denture easily and helps them to stay in proper place as it can be carried easily.

The patient having dentures usually face the problems related to their jawbones but mini dental implants help them to solve their problem.

The diameter of mini dental implants is generally between 1.8 mm to 2.9mm. It also has various lengths. The length is more important than diameter in mini implants because the pull out power is actually based on length of the device.

The designs of mini dental implants appear in some category as head, body, thread and multiple tips.

Tip designs are especially made for work through medullary bones. It is sometimes sharp and found in a bit blunt design. It has the ability of self-tapping through medullary bone.

Thread designs are fond in thick or thin in shape. The spacing of threads is also varying. The various designs are for different types of bones of different densities of mouth. Prosthetic head connects with the tip through body and it looks like a cylinder or cone.

The previously mentioned designs are helpful to enhance the basic stability. Nevertheless, the one which is more suitable for an individual only depends on the structure of bones.

The very piece of implants gives the basic stability which is highly expected of dental implants. However, not only the designs do all in an implant but also there are more technical things which actually give the success to a mini dental implant.

Prosthetic head connects dental prosthesis to the implant to anchor it towards the bone. Implant driver is also connected by prosthetic head during the time of placement of an implant.

Heads are found in three types of shapes such as O-ball, square and rectangular. These shapes are very common. These easily get connected with driver. Cubic or square heads are usually directly cemented with bridges or crowns. Among the designs of heads, the O-ball shapes are the most popular to solve the problem of loose dentures.

Mini dental implants are usually placed with an open surgery. There needs to be a trained doctor and an authentic institute to organize a surgery and give patients proper result. Otherwise, negative effects would arise.

Note that a careful planning is needed before a mini dental implant. Before the surgery, a patient must go through several testing and treatment and even after the operation, one need to take proper medicine and care.

It takes 2 to 6 months to completely recover after an implant. In between, the patient needs to follow the instructions of the doctor very carefully. If a patient goes through the proper and perfect steps of a dental implant, they can be rest assured to get the expected results.

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