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Alpha Bio Dental Implant

About Alpha-Bio Tec

The implants manufactured by Alpha-Bio Tec can be integrated naturally into the mouth and cut down the period of recovery manifolds.
These implants are highly durable and long lasting.

The specialty of these implants is that they undergo a very complex procedure which aids in the implants capability to bond well with the bone. This is referred to as osseointegration.

All products by Alpha-Bio are of superior quality and comply with international standards. All the implants come with a lifetime warranty. An added advantage to the patients is that if any implant is found defective, is rejected, gets contaminated or fractured, the implant is replaced immediately.

Alpha-Bio boasts of implants which are sophisticated in their design but are simple to use. The implant system is specifically designed to offer the patient with an ultimate substitute for the lost tooth. There is a wide range of implants available with the brand with easy and fast insertion, superior primary stability, high predictability and better success rates.

The implants by Alpha-Bio are suitable for every bone type and are prepared in various diameters and lengths. They provide great care during the surgical procedure ranging from the simple ones to the complex procedures.

Alpha Bio is aimed at making implantology a simple procedure offering the best quality and services and thus the name simplantology.

Osseointegration is not a very easy process and requires great skill and knowledge on the part of the dentist. One major issue with it is the accurate bonding of the implant with the bone and surrounding tissues. In addition, the surface of an implant which is used during the procedure is important. To minimize all such risks, Alpha- Bio has developed a novel technology named NanoTecTM. This enables the implant and bone to bond very well reducing all possible risks and the healing period.

The company does not compromise on the service and quality. It is well known for offering superior products to the patients. They have a long list of satisfied consumers and the list is fast increasing. News updates reveal that the company in Israel will be taken up by another well-known brand Nobel Biocare. Alpha–Bio has a market share of more than 60% in Israel and is the leading company in dental implants there.

Alpha-Bio Tec has more than twenty years of experience in the field of implant dentistry.