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Nobel Biocare Dental Implants

Nobel Biocare is a leading group in dental medical devices and a global leader in esthetic and innovative restorative dental solutions. The headquarters of the company is situated in Switzerland and has around 2500 employees working for it all over the world. It has been built based on forty years of dental research by two Swedish innovators named Dr Matts Anderson and Professor Per- Ingvar Branemark.

The vision of Nobel Biocare is to improve the quality of life of the patients with their innovative products and services.

The replacements provided by Biocare are fully functional and they give that most natural looking smile which lasts a lifetime. The ambition of the brand is to design for life and it means much more than treatment innovation and product design.

Quality is the essence of Nobel Biocare as it maintains the highest quality standards. It is ISO certified for its quality, design, manufacturing, warehousing, order processing, environment, development, marketing, sales and distribution.

Since last twenty years, the materials used for the manufacture of implants have been maintained at pure titanium level. They undergo cold work in order to gain durability and exceptional strength. The implants come with two drilling conventions- tapered and parallel. Parallel type is the most adaptable requiring minimum drilling and provides a reflexive fitting in the dense bones. The tapered implants have a stepwise drilling procedure. The abutments are also available in three flexible varieties.

Currently Nobel Biocare is using a special version of CP titanium that excels in strength. Most of its implants are patented technologies like Groovy and TiUnite which help in enhancing osseo integration.

The brand has an assortment of tissue level and bone level dental implants to offer for all types of bones, indications and surgeries.

The implants are available in varieties of dimensions, lengths and abutment connections. Each one is unique in its use, security, versatility, enhances soft, and bone tissue preservation.

It has four popular types of implants named NobelReplace, NobelSpeedy, NobelActive and Branemark system. These types together make up the entire range of dental restorations.

  • NobelActive implant is highly stable because of its latest surface technology which contains properties of bone condensing which permits optimal placement.
  • NobelReplace implants permit simplified procedures for implantation and are suitable for all indications.
  • NobelSpeedy implants are specifically designed to provide superior initial stability for the soft bone. It has a tapered design which offers superior initial stability and is often used for immediate functioning.
  • The Branemark implant is the foremost implant system which is being used for the last 40 years. It is used in some of the complicated conditions.

Nobel BioCare is fast increasing its functions all over the globe and its products are well demanded by patients with dental issues. The company focuses greatly on its product quality guarantees to maintain them eternally.

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