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Ankylos Dental Implant

Ankylos Implants

In today’s world with increasing diseases and infections, dental implants have become indispensable in the dental industry. There are a number of well-known brands offering dental implants of superior quality. Ankylos (by Dentsply Friadent) is one of them and is discussed here.

Ankylos has been in this field for decades and with its implant system it has been helping patients as well as dentists to bring beautiful smiles on their faces. The implants have a very natural look and function just like real teeth.

Ankylos implants have durable natural aesthetics and stability which comes from the strength and reliability of the bond between the abutment and the implant that provides support to the restoration. This bond is so strong that they ultimately unite to form a single unit.

The implants from Ankylos are manufactured of purely neutral titanium. It is easily accepted by the human body and thus the chances of rejection are minimized.

Ankylos implants are secured in sterile glasses and are opened just before the implant procedure begins.

The implant has a rough surface which means that it will fit perfectly and heals the new root easily. The shape of these implants are specially designed to ensure perfect fixing after restoration and also protects the patients jawbone while masticating as the new implant bonds perfectly with the bone.

The Ankylos implant screw is designed so that the occlusal force does not overload the bone substance.

The implants are obtainable in four different lengths and diameters and are a good solution to all implant related problems.

The implants are placed around 2mm below the bone crest to get maximum benefits. The most amazing thing about the Ankylos implants is their tapered conical connectors. They have been designed with precision and care.

They are bacteria proof and do not permit micro-movement. Absence of any micro gap does not allow bacteria to penetrate the abutment implant junction all through its lifetime.

The key advantages of the Ankylos implants are:

  • superior level of security
  • long lasting aesthetic stability
  • cemented replacements
  • reduced risks of infections
  • minimal risk of bone loss
  • minimum therapy time
  • superior quality and economical

Ankylos has been functional in Germany and many other countries for the past decades and is still growing.

These implants are not only aesthetically appealing but also keep the teeth healthy.

Most of the Ankylos implants are carefully designed with the latest engineering technology to offer the best to the patients. Today these implants have huge demand because maintaining oral health and hygiene is very important.

Ankylos is something more than an implant system; it can be called as the next generation of the implant systems.