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Dental Implant Osseo

Osseo Dental is a company based in Sydney that distributes mini dental implants (MDI) throughout Australia.

Mini dental implants are alternative treatment or solution for individuals who cannot afford conventional implants.

These 3M ESPE Mini dental implants are proved to be safe clinically and can be used for long term denture stabilization. It can be placed surgically with a very easy process.

These implants are also hundred percent helpful in stabilizing loose dentures. They are designed for maintaining stability in dense and soft bones which is quite essential for immediate loading.

Some of the benefits of these implants are:

  • It is a very minimal intrusive procedure
  • During the procedure bone grafting is not required
  • Immediate loading
  • Very economical

Some features which make mini dental implants by Osseo different from other implants are:

  • The implant is placed into the teeth via a small pilot hole unlike other procedures where they are placed in to the full osteotomy.
  • The implants are designed specifically for dense and soft bones to facilitate immediate loading.
  • The attachment designs are such that they offer customized retention depending on the case and the patient.
  • The attachment designs are such that they exonerate up to 30 degrees of divergence in between two implants.
  • The original retention can simply be restored by changing the o-ring.

The company boasts of owning an experienced team of stalwarts excelling in sales, technical experience and marketing and skilled in dental implantation.

The quality of the products is superior and customer satisfaction is greatly valued. The expert staff at Osseo is highly experienced in surgical dental implant and is ever ready to provide any kind of technical help for dental needs of the patients.

The company aims to provide the right support, education and even training to help patients and individuals to get maximum benefits of the revolution in the dental implant system.

Osseo dental is an upcoming brand in the field of implants with its mini dental implants bringing about a revolution in the dentistry. The company is proud of its products, quality, service, and promises to maintain it for a lifetime.