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Biomet 3i Dental Implants

About Biomet 3i

There are countless brands established for providing services on dental restoration and replacements and the competition is tough. Biomet 3i dental implants are  leading the competition of the companies in the implants industry.

Biomet 3i deals with the complete line of dental implant abutments and the dental implants are greatly improved by a budding line of regenerative products. In simple words, Biomet 3i is the pioneer in the field of naturally driven implants and widely accepted and praised for its micro textured surface and Osseotite dental implants.

The company was born many years ago in 1987 and since then it has been manufacturing and dispensing dental implants and other oral reconstruction products.

There are two basic types of implants available with Biomet 3i and that is what differentiates it from other popular brands. The NanoTite and OsseoTite dental implants are the names of these popular types.

The NanoTite implant integrates a very sophisticated architecture at the nano scale allowing a surface with excellent bone bonding. They result in considerable superior integration as compared to the other types. These implants can be used for immediate function on multiple or single tooth to achieve better primary stability. Sometimes a PREVAIL platform Switching feature is added to these implants in order to ensure preservation of the soft tissues and Crystal bone to acquire optimum aesthetic outcomes.

The OsseoTite implants have surfaces which strengthen the implant attachment. They also reduce the chances of soft tissue infection allowing good load distribution and better soft tissue health.

The company takes great pride in offering its superior service to its patients and helps them entirely in solving their dental problems. The company boasts of the best material used for the manufacture of the implants so that they are durable and stable for a lifetime.

They help you gain your lost smile back and retain it forever. All products are under a warranty depending on the product and rules of the company.

There are various branches of Biomet 3i all over the globe in order to supply its services to the people.

In 2015 Zimmer acquired Biomet, since then they're called Zimmer Biomet.

How much does a 3i dental implant cost?

Biomet 3i is among the more expensive implants, but it's still a preferred choice for many dentists because of their high quality. Dental implants usually cost around $1200, might be a few hundred more or less, depending on you location and the dentist's experience.

A higher end implant brand, like the 3i implants, might cost a few hundred more than their more affordable competitors but you have to be aware of, is that you're not only paying for the tooth implant, but also for the crown, bridge or overdenture that will be placed on the implant(s). The entire treatment for a single tooth usually costs around $3,000 - $5,000 and might be even more depending on what other treatments you need.

Compared to the total $3,000 - $5,000 cost, that few hundred you might save with a cheaper implant doesn't look that much, although it still matters, of course. If your dentist orders implant in bulk, manufacturers are probably giving a nice discount, part of which might be passed on to you.

Final thought on prices is that there are so significant differences that you should always consult with your dentist to get an exact quote. If you don't like the price, you might want to check out another dentist to compare offers. On the long term, you'll be better off focusing on quality.

If you want to know what factors drive implant prices, read our article about dental implant costs.

Want to know more about Biomet 3i?

If you need more information about the manufacturer of Zimmer dental implants, like catalogs, information about more products, implant sizes, customer service, etc., please visit their website: zimmerbiometdental.com

A 3 minute video about the Biomet 3i T3 implant.