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AB Dental Implants

About AB Dental Devices

There are many brands competing in order to supply superior quality and services and AB Dental Devices are one of them.

They are an international company working in the field of dental implants since 1990. All the products of  the company are processed with superior technology and rigorous inspection.

AB Dental Devices have their significant place in the field of dentistry and the company markets its products all over the globe. It has thousands of satisfied consumers. This growth has taken place over a period of twenty years and is still in progress.

There are varieties of implants available and each has been manufactured based on novel clinical researches. The quality of the products is unquestionable and the service provided is adjusted to meet the requirements of the clientele.

All products are approved by the AMAR regulatory body in Israel and by the European Notified Body. The quality management system is ISO certified and products have passed the permit for sale by FDA.

AB dental implants are of the highest mechanical quality with a number of models, types, size and reasonable prices. The implants come with a 15 year guarantee when used in accordance with the rules of the company.

AB dental implants are made of titanium. Titanium is used because it suits the human body best and integrates very well with the bone. It is also very bio-friendly and superior in endurance and strength. It can be easily made into varieties of implants to suit the needs of various patients.

The implants are initially packed in transparent tubes which are sterile and are opened when the need arises. An implant carrier protects the implant physically and also helps the dental surgeon while inserting them in the patient’s mouth.

The implantation comprises the following steps:

  • Carrying out an X- ray or CT scan to find out the characteristic of the bone. It reveals whether the bone is hard, soft or condensed.
  • Preparing a model with the help of computer and then planning for the restoration.
  • After defining the characteristic of the bone along with the simulation it is time to choose a site for it.
  • After the site is decided on, the dimension and the type of implant to be used are decided.

The company maintains high international standards for oral and dental reconstruction and thus creating a first class market reputation of itself.

The staff at the company make regular efforts to make new advancements in the implant technology to make it simple.