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Same Day Dental Implants

The Risk and Benefits

Placing a dental implant is a long process but nowadays it has a revolutionary change. Now an implant can be done in few hours. One does not have to wait several months and several surgeries to get a dental implant.

Same day dental implants are a bit different from traditional dental implants. Traditional dental implants have few critical stages and it take normally 6 to 18 months to complete including the recovery of the patient. However, same day dental implants are easier than the traditional ones and a patient gets relief quickly.

Instead of critical surgery, doctors do these implants just with local anesthesia and mild medication like Ibuprofen and the patient does not have tremendous pain and other irritations. The traditional implants have such problems. So day by day, the popularity of this type of teeth implant is increasing.


Same day implant helps a person to return to normal life more quickly and it is the fastest way to regain the complete look after losing original teeth. So its benefits cannot be denied by anyone.

If the person who has lost a tooth goes through the traditional tooth restoration procedure with dental implants, he must wait for several months to get back his or her previous look. Nevertheless, in same day implant, one can get it within few hours and not only helps to regain proper shape of the face but also helps to avoid embarrassment during a party or social gathering or in the office.

When a person loses his or her teeth, one automatically feels embarrassed and it pushes the individual psychologically backwards. Therefore, to avoid this situation, same day dental implant is the most effective way to return golden past.


Even though there are several benefits of same day dental implant, there are few risks also.

The major risk is the failure of the implants. Same day dental implants take less time to complete the entire process of dental implants. In traditional implant after placing, the screw doctor waits for 2 to 7 months to give proper time as the bone and screw get accustomed perfectly and the bone can grow around the root properly. It makes a strong tie between the bone and the root.

Same day implant does not do this process so the bonding between the bone and the screw could not be made at all. The entire process has the risk of failing. Also in the same day implant, the bones are not in shape to have the teeth upon it so in future when the bones are healed, the implants may fail. The shape of the face may change and needs to be operated again to get back the original shape.
Therefore, when a person decides to get an implant he should reason carefully before choosing this process. One must consult the dentist to go for the process that suits best.

If you feel pain around the implanted teeth even after several days of the surgery or your crown feels loose, you should get back to your dentist as soon as possible.

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