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Temporary Dental Crowns

temporary dental crown is an interim, short-term reinstatement taken place in dentistry.

Generally, the temporary dental crown is fashioned via chemical-cure combination, though other systems of constructing dental crowns of aluminum are sporadically used by doctors.

The provisional substance is designed by the dentists to produce a tooth structure which aims to protect the arranged tooth and targets prevention of injury to gums and masks the equipped tooth to a certain point until the concluding restoration is done by the practitioner.

A temporary crown is typically concreted in the desired place with easy-going provisional dental cement, for example Temp-Bond NE. This permits relaxed elimination when appropriate restoration is taking place.

How is the Temporary Crown prepared?

A temporary dental crown is prepared by the dental assistant and hygienist. The steps that are necessary in preparing the temporary dental crown are:

  • Firstly, it is of utmost importance that an imprint of the readied tooth and contrasting teeth is finished.
  • Using this imprint, a sticking plaster mould is made ready.
  • The temporary dental crown is characteristically constructed out of the chemical-cure composition from the sticky plaster mould. Some older practitioners carry out the previously constructed aluminum dental temporary crowns.
  • After the crown has been prepared, it is paved onto the set tooth with lenient, effortlessly detachable cement.
  • The patient is then asked to nibble on the temporary crown to make the cement hold in its place.
  • Surplus cement is detached by the support staff.
  • The tooth after being crowned prevents the air from getting into the unprotected bare nerves and thus causing no pains to the bare nerves.
  • The times when the patient’s temporary dental crown is on, the doctors advise them to stop flossing their tongues on the zone around the fresh temporary crown. They are further asked to brush as gently as possible and to avoid chewing gums and foods that are hard and sticky in nature.

What to do when your temporary dental crown wears off?

It is common for temporary crowns to get dislocated even before the predicted lifespan. If such a thing happens when the dentist is unavailable, the patient can himself set it back in place by smearing Vaseline or the toothpaste on the insides of the provisional crown and setting it back on that tooth. Biting down the crown is the next step. Once the dentist is available, rush to him as quickly as possible. He will help you in the temporary re-setting of the teeth. 

How much does a temporary crown cost?

Usually, the cost involved in the temporary dental crown is counted in the entire price of placing a permanent crown. This is because it is a mere part of the entire process and is not counted separately by the dental surgeons. The cost of a crown is usually around $1,000 - $1,500, but it can be significantly more depending on your location, the experience of the dentist and any additional treatment you might need.

If you want to know more about prices, read our article about dental crown costs here.

This short video show you what to do if your temporary crown fell out.