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Procera crowns

Procera crowns are ceramic crowns that are totally metal free. The fabrication of Procera crowns is required to be completed by an experienced and accomplished dental surgeon characteristically in dental laboratories, which is definitely outside the premises of dental practitioner’s office.

The procedure of Procera crowns involves the dental technician constructing a thin hard-edged ceramic so that it can be used in the form of base material as the application in porcelain.

The specialist is then required to apply the porcelain to the created thin hard-edged ceramic under construction. He is required to provide shape and color as required in the different cases of individual patients.

Soon after the application of porcelain is completed, the Procera dental crown is taken to a porcelain surface only to be baked so that it can be delivered as per the need of the dentist.

The dentist checks whether the Procera crown is as per his requirement and makes sure, if it is properly fitted in his patient's mouth. He checks to see if any further adjustments are necessary to be made.

If everything goes according to his will, he cements the Procera crown everlastingly. Even though it sounds a bit cumbersome, once the process is done, it gives a sigh of relief to the patient.

The Procera crown provides your gums and teeth with the natural beauty that was not possible before.

The practitioners usually do not face problems or issues in preparing them. Besides the easy preparation, it also aids in the easy cementation process because of the quality of the crowns.

This gum-friendly ceramic crown re-forms the forte and the natural beauty as mentioned earlier.

More than one hundred thousand patients with Procera crowns have already been cured.

The visual quality is also overwhelming because of its optimally fittings and naturally genuine ceramic features.

The last couple of years have seen new technology with improved properties making way. Thus, patients ask for structures that do not consist of any metals or alloys. This is because; Procera crowns are made of a biocompatible substance which prevents the risk of an allergic reaction.
Since Procera crowns displays unmatched power in their materials, they are usually recommended by dentists for easy renovations anywhere in patient’s mouth.

How much does a Procera crown cost?

In the US these crowns usually cost around $800 - $1800, depending on your location, the experience of the dentist and many other factors.
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