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MAC veneers

MAC veneers are composed of high-quality pressed ceramic which gives them a very strong and thick appearance than the usual porcelain veneers made from feldspar.

An important fact about them is their capacity to adhere very accurately on the surface of the teeth which prevents them from getting knocked out in any case.

They are highly resistant to wear and tear and do not get stained. MAC veneers are preferred mainly for their aesthetic appeal.

Today MAC veneers are the most impressive and contemporary form of veneers available in dentistry. People are becoming more aware of it.

They have been successful in transforming the least impressive smile into the most radiant, flawless and natural one. They can be placed on the teeth along with other treatments like tooth whitening simultaneously.

They are used for the treatment of discolored, chipped and widely spaced teeth and match the natural color of one’s teeth after placing.

They are special and can only be made by dentists who are specialized in making them. The color of the veneer is created from inside the veneer, and around sixteen hues are made use of in order to attain the perfect veneer.

The procedure

The visit to a dentist to get MAC veneers involves assessment of one’s personal requirements and needs keeping in mind the patient’s facial dimensions and oral health.

An impression of the facial and oral dimension is taken and pictures are taken to decide on the perfect smile. These specifications are then sent to the MAC laboratory where the veneers are custom made.

In the meantime, the patient’s teeth are prepared and placed with temporary veneers. It takes around four weeks for the final veneers to arrive.

The next visit to the dentist is all about getting the personalized MAC veneers bonding to the patient’s teeth.

MAC veneers certainly have a lot of advantages as compared to other types:

  • They have an incredibly realistic look.
  • Are entirely resistant to stains.
  • Are not at all abrasive to the existing teeth.
  • And finally are easily compatible with dental crowns, dental bridges and on lays and inlays.

They provide people with the smile of their dreams and are twice as durable as usual porcelain veneers.