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CEREC Veneers

The term CEREC refers to Chairside Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramics. Chairside because the treatment is carried out while the patient is on the chair, economical for the patient as well as the dentist, used to restore damaged teeth, restorations are natural and metal free and finally made from high strength ceramics.

This technology is entirely computer based and was evolved by Sirona Dental Systems UK with the help of CAM/CAD along with 3D imaging software’s in order to prepare, design, make and finally fix artificial tooth in the patient’s mouth via dental restoration. It is used in order to design, prepare, and finally fix replacement inlays, teeth, onlays, crowns, veneers for individuals with chipped, stained, missing and damaged teeth.

CEREC veneers are a type of veneers only but made with the help of a different procedure as compared to other veneers. In olden days, dental putty was made use of in order to create a mould of the patient’s teeth for restoring the concerned tooth. As technology has progressed so as dental science, CEREC technology is now used to scan the tooth after dusting it with a kind of reflective powder. This 3D image is converted in a computerized model which helps in creating the restorations.

The model is shifted on to a CEREC MCXL machine so that the new tooth can be created from ceramic material. This is a relatively fast process.

A bonding material then helps in attaching the final tooth to the prepared tooth.

The key advantage of CEREC veneers is that it is the fastest method to create tooth restorations. It also provides very accurate fittings and can be done in just half an hour with one sitting.

The resulting tooth is durable and strong and a major part of the natural tooth can be well preserved.

Materials used for composing the veneers are bio-compatible which have a gentle affect on the gums and do not cause much irritation as compared to other types.

They are highly resistant to discoloration and fractures also. 

Other types of veneers take around two to three visits to the dentist but CEREC veneers can be completed in a single visit. It only requires one set of injections as the process itself is of only one hour. This veneer is completely custom made by the dentist and he is responsible for the final fit whereas in other types they are prepared by the lab technicians who have no idea about the patient.

CEREC veneers are prepared so fast that the dentist does not require placing temporary veneers on the prepared tooth.