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Lumineers are ultra thin dental veneers and are specifically designed to provide you with that desired beautiful smile you always dreamed of.

They are made from resilient and thin Cerinate porcelain in order to restore the protective coating of the tooth and enhance brightness and shape of the teeth at the same time.

Lumineers are best suited for stained, discolored, wide gapped and worn out teeth, so their purpose is similar to that of veneers. The difference lies in the material used to create them. A key advantage here is that a large part of the tooth structure is left untouched as very minimized bone from the tooth is removed.

People with misaligned, chipped, gapped, damaged, stained, discolored teeth can go for Lumineers. This will help to brighten and strengthen their existing teeth.

The procedure for placing Lumineers requires great expertise and skill on the part of the dentist. It is a painless, drill free procedure. The visit to the dentist for this treatment involves mapping of the structure of the teeth with CEREC technology so that detailed specifications for the final Lumineers can be obtained.

Following that, the Lumineers are prepared for bonding. The main aim of the process is to conserve maximum part of the existing teeth and sometimes leave them untouched. Local anesthesia will be given to numb the regions around the tooth.

The final Lumineers are then fitted on to the teeth of the patient. They are further polished and shaped to fit the patient’s requirement. You finally end up with the most desired and confident smile.

Patients who have fitted Lumineers in their mouth can treat them as natural teeth. Lumineers are durable and ultra thin but can be reused and removed when flexible resin is the material used for bonding.

Lumineers are a new concept and new to the dental market. The cost entirely depends on the skill of the dentist and choice of Lumineers. However, the demand for Lumineers is increasing day by day.

The advantages of getting Lumineers placed on ones teeth are that they do not involve any injections, do not require painful drilling and they provide the natural looking beautiful smile. They are also stronger as compared to other types of dental veneers. Lumineers can last for around twenty years and are reversible.