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Orthodontics was formerly known as orthodontia. The first dentistry specialty was concerned with studies and the treatments of malocclusions.

Orthodontics is due to tooth irregularity, jaw relationships which are disproportionate or maybe both at times. This kind of a treatment focuses only on dental displacement.

It can also deal with the modification and control of one’s facial growth. In the case of facial growth, the term given to it or the definition is dentofacial orthopaedics’.

The orthodontics treatment is done to improve the appearance of the patient’s teeth. Yet it is not always limited to this, sometimes it involves reconstructing the face.

The method used for this kind of a treatment is the wires through braces. The wires are usually made of metal materials. They are inserted inside the brackets that are orthodontic brackets, made with stainless steel. Even aesthetic materials of ceramic can be used.

Orthodontic treatment is a kind of a lifelong treatment though the digital labs have made the work much easier but once it is done, usually care needs to be taken throughout one’s life.

The whole procedure involved a lot of human effort in the past but surely the new digital lab system has improved the conditions. Now, the work is done much faster and with lesser effort on the part of the doctor in terms of physical efforts. It is much easier and faster these days and many people go for it due to the modern method introduced.

The patients first need to go through thorough check ups to know the right procedure to go in for. Once the right procedure is found, the treatment is started. It may take long to set it right, maybe a month in simple cases and a year or more in complicated cases. No matter what in both cases, initially for a long period the braces of orthodontics should be worn on a regular basis without fail. It does look embarrassing at times but the result after the prescribed times is worth the embarrassment.

The patient needs to wear them for a year or more for a good setting so that the problem does not occur again. After the prescribed time, the patient is usually advised to wear them on a part time basis while at home or while they sleep at night. This would avoid future problems which surely are not that certain. Yet it is advised by doctors to at least try to wear them occasionally to avoid any other problem or gaps within the teeth again. Proper care is very much required.

Orthodontics is surely a very old method in the field of dentistry and it is now becoming more technological with the modern equipments used and the degrees the dentists have along with their experience.

It is best to approach the best or most referred dentist and take his advice for such a problem and treatment. A good dentist can make the whole orthodontics treatment a delight and faster.

However, the advices need to be followed well and suitable medications should be taken if prescribed because at the end, it is treating the teeth which can make or break our smile.