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Invisalign is a dental treatment which uses clear, removable teeth aligners, as an alternative to traditional dental braces. It has been successfully used on numerous people around the world and more and more people are adhering to this treatment.

Invisalign is a product manufactured and marketed by Align Technology, a Santa Clara based company.

The first advantage of this product is its cosmetic nature. Since these aligners are transparent, it does away with those “nerdy” looks of metal and wire braces. Adults prefer it because it does not hamper their look in any way.

Apart from this, they are more comfortable and can be easily removed whiles eating so that you can avoid your food getting stuck in your braces.

Sometimes braces can cause shortening of teeth roots, tooth decay. This is because unlike invisaligns, they cannot be removed while eating. Aligners should be removed while you eat, drink or for getting them checked by your dentist. Its removable nature makes it invulnerable to any kind of food.

The aligners are changed every two weeks so that gradually less force and pain is applied. This is not the case with metal braces because as they are changed every six weeks, they generally apply greater forces.

However before taking up an invisalign treatment, you should undergo a computerized treatment which will allow you to review the projected smile design, the duration of the treatment, compare other options and finally making the decision of taking up invisalign or not.

This treatment gives you straighter teeth and takes lesser time than the traditional appliances.

What this product does is that, it gradually shifts your teeth. Each aligner comes in pairs. At first these aligners will be tight but gradually they will loosen up, shifting the teeth and giving you the perfect smile that you wanted.

You should be careful of not having any dental work done after you have started on your invisalign treatment as it might disrupt the process and make the results undesirable. Also, make sure you do not have any jaw joint problems at the start of the treatment. Do not forget to use a retainer because they help keep your teeth after they are moved.

General pricing of this treatment is often more than traditional braces. The price varies from dentist to dentist depending on the complexity and duration of treatment. In U.S. it ranges from $3000-$7000.

Find out how invisalign works. Duration: 2:17