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What are Prettau Zirconia Bridges?

Prettau zirconia bridge is exceptionally high translucency zirconia and very natural appearance restoration. It comes with the usual strength of zirconia and also offers a more natural look than traditional zirconia restoration.

Thanks to its great esthetics and strength, Prettau bridges can be used even in the anterior region. Combined with the durability of zirconia, Prettau dental bridges are ideal for full arch restorations.

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What are Prettau Zirconia bridges made of?

Prettau zirconia by Zirkonzahn is partially stabilized with yttrium and has a zirconia sand base. This material is tough, yet it also has high tensile strength, allowing it to be flexible.

As a result, Prettau zirconia is frequently advised for individuals who suffer from bruxism because these restorations are less likely to chip or break. They also decrease the chance of abrasion on adjacent teeth.

Prettau zirconia bridges with implant support are designed and manufactured utilizing cutting-edge CAD/CAM technology for a precise and comfortable fit:

  • You and your dentist go over a computer-generated model of your custom smile restoration in detail.

  • Your bridge is precision-milled from a solid block of zirconia, then hand-colored and finished matching the natural look of your teeth and gums after you accept the model.

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A very informative video about the Prettau implant supported zirconia bridge. Duration: 2:49.

What is the difference between standard zirconia and Prettau zirconia bridges?

Prettau zirconia bridges have the same benefits as traditional zirconia but are considered to be even better for several reasons:

Fits better

Because of its microstructure, it has a substantially higher heat resistance and a consistent shrinking factor, allowing for more precise placement.

As a result:

  • the procedure of developing and putting these implants is significantly easier and less invasive

  • Prettau bridges are particularly interesting alternatives for individuals who are looking for dental implants or who want gingival reconstruction in addition to their restorations

Matches natural teeth better

The customizing possibilities are nearly endless. Following the modeling and milling of the bridge, it is tinted in a variety of natural colors and tints to best match the appearance of the natural teeth.

Rather than spending time adding layer after layer of ceramic to the completed model, technicians can now focus on creating the perfect smile.

No chipping

Traditional porcelain layered zirconia restorations chip easier than solid zirconia. This is the price we pay for better esthetics.

However, chipping is not an issue with Prettau bridges.

What is the difference between Prettau zirconia bridges and the traditional dental bridges?

Pretty zirconia bridges stand out due to these reasons:

  • Prettau zirconia is more durable and stronger than other materials. It will not crack, chip, wear, or break.

  • Prettau zirconia gives off natural-looking teeth and gums which mimic the patient’s natural oral cavity.

  • Prettau zirconia is non-porous and doesn’t take up stains and smells. Unlike some other materials that can get discolored with time.

  • Prettau zirconia is biocompatible as it minimizes the risk of bad oral health and implant failure.

What are the benefits of the Prettau zirconia dental implant bridge?


Prettau zirconia implant bridges have a high flexural strength up to 1200MPa. It is also resistant to high temperature and also a constant shrinking factor giving the highest possible precision. It resists chipping, fracture, and wear.

These are more stable and have a supporting structure that lessens any movement and stress on the implants.


It is also translucent so it can transmit the color of the adjacent teeth. It can also be manufactured in a wide variety of shades which makes it easier to color match the patient’s remaining natural teeth.


A Prettau Zirconia bridge is non-porous so it does not absorb food particles which makes it not discolor and smell in time. It also does not accumulate plaque which makes it easier to clean and also minimizes the risk of gum disease.

How long do Prettau bridges last?

Prettau bridges can last from five to fifteen years– or even a lifetime with proper oral hygiene. It is because of their undeniable strength and durability.

It also depends on the location of the implant. Implants on the anterior region of the mouth will last longer than in the posterior.

Implant failure and other health issues are more likely in cigarette smokers and drinkers.

How much does a Prettau bridge cost?

Zirconia bridges are generally more expensive than other forms of dental bridges, such as ceramic, metal, and porcelain ones. They cost between $1,000 and $2,500 per unit in the United States.

The high quality of Prettau bridges comes with a price tag. On top of that, they are often used together with dental implants, which can increase the final costs substantially.

As for Prettau zirconia bridges, for a full upper or lower set of teeth, full mouth dental implants and all 4 quadrants cost between $25,000 and $35,000.

Teeth extractions, implant surgery, and the permanent implant teeth that go on top are all included in the price of a full set of implants.

Full implant instances that are more expensive are usually done by highly experienced implant surgeons who use zirconia teeth. Dental implants can cost $45,000–$65,000 for a full mouth repair that includes tooth removal, bone grafting, and teeth on top.

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