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A basic understanding about dental implants and the costs Involved

Teeth implants are the new generation of replacement dentistry. Unlike other forms of replacement, dental implants make use of the jaw bone structure to gain support for the replaced teeth while other forms of replacement (dental bridges)...

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Invisalign is a dental treatment which uses clear, removable teeth aligners, as an alternative to traditional dental braces. It has been successfully used on numerous people around the world and more and more people are adhering to this treatment.

Invisalign is a product manufactured and marketed by Align Technology, a Santa Clara based...

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Humans develop two sets of teeth during their lifetime. The first set is called the milk teeth or the baby teeth and are 20 in number. This set starts to grow at about six months of age. The second set is the permanent set and these start to grow at the age of six years. These are 32 in number and they are never replaced during our lifetime....

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Understanding the Entire Procedure

Let us assume that your child is having problems with the alignment of the teeth and has been referred to a specialist known as an orthodontist who will help bring your child’s teeth to normal positioning. But before you set in to the orthodontist’s office, there are certain things that you should...

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Orthodontics was formerly known as orthodontia. The first dentistry specialty was concerned with studies and the treatments of malocclusions.

Orthodontics is due to tooth irregularity, jaw relationships which are disproportionate or maybe both at times. This kind of a treatment focuses only on dental displacement.

It can also deal...

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Dental implants are considered as the most effective treatment when dealing with a badly damaged tooth or toothloss. It is proven to give great aesthetic results and it can last longer than most other treatments like dental bridges.

However, it is to be considered that when dealing with the human body, there is no such thing as one...

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Dental crowns are available in the shape of a tooth and are used to restore a brittle, weak, broken or cracked tooth. All these issues can be solved with the dental crowns that are available nowadays.

These crowns come in different materials like zirconia...

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Lumineers are ultra thin dental veneers and are specifically designed to provide you with that desired beautiful smile you always dreamed of.

They are made from resilient and thin Cerinate porcelain in order to restore the protective coating of the tooth and enhance brightness and shape of the teeth at the same...

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Porcelain veneers are considered as one of the best ways in dentistry to correct chipped, stained and crooked teeth. A custom-made shell is placed on the surface of the tooth providing the patient with a bright, natural and aligned smile.

Procedure for fixing porcelain veneers

The process...

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temporary dental crown is an interim, short-term reinstatement taken place in dentistry.

Generally, the temporary dental crown is fashioned via chemical-cure combination, though other systems of constructing dental crowns of aluminum are sporadically used by doctors.

The provisional substance is...

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